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Our Technology

Our cutting edge technology up to now was used exclusively by Vision care conglomerates, leading Opthalmologists, eye surgeons & opticians.

For the first time ever this technology is being released to the market for Gamers to improve wellness, performance and to "kill" Digital eye strain.

Michael Mrochen

Michael Mrochen is a Swiss vision care innovator who has made significant contributions to the field of ophthalmology. 

Michael is very passionate about solving the DIgital Eye Strain / Computer Vision problems, it is a very personal mission since he has suffered from the disease, battling obesity and undergoing numerous eye and back surgeries.

His cutting edge vision care innovations are widely used around the world and are helping millions of patients achieve better medical outcomes,

 He has also authored over 200 scientific publications and holds multiple patents related to vision care technology

Michael & Vivior are backed by a world class team of leading Eye care professionals whom are dedicating to help manage and eradicate Digital Eye Strain.

Michael Mrochen

Vision Care Innovator

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